Ivan Sherman, Artist Statement


My work focuses on playing with dimensionality, using design, geometry, color, perspective, relief, distortion and shadow and by working with unexpected mediums, like recycled corrugated cartons and using techniques I invent as I work. In some cases, I work to carefully drawn plans. In others, I start with shapes and I explore them, allowing the shapes to tell me what their possibilities are.

 I begin my "Out of the Box" series by cutting cartons into accurately measured, strips, squares, and triangles. These get glued together to form geometric patterns, hexagons, diamonds, pyramids and various architectural shapes. Then, with vivid acrylic colors and careful craftsmanship, I paint and assemble the pieces into large, wall-filling still lifes, architectural landscapes, portraits, abstract designs and various other wall-hung constructions, that try to give the illusion of extending off the wall and into the room.

Art reviews have observed my work shows influences of Saul Steinberg, Frank Stella and Frank Gehry.

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